Take a peek inside Mindfulness Moments, my latest colouring book, part of The Mindfulness Colouring Book series. Remember to share your work! I'd love to see what you colour-in by sharing your pictures on social media using #mindfulnesscolouringbook.



The truth about co-sleeping with baby. (Motherhood sketchbook illustrations.)



It's been a busy 12 months and I'm only just catching up on some posts I've been meaning to write for a year. One of them is the Orla Kiely AW15 presentation...better late than never.Step into a New York library and meet the most chic librarians at the Orla Kiely AW15 presentation. It was a feast for the eyes, especially for anyone with a childhood daydream of becoming a librarian and spend days stamping library cards and categorising books in their designated shelves.

Sitting at the front with my illustrator pal Emma Block, I got to admire up close a colourful parade of canary yellow, blush pink, soft knitwear, side plaits and eye-catching shoes. The shoes! Orla Kiely collaborated with Clarks to create these beauties which were every bit as special her outfits. I've captured Orla's fashion presentation with quick 5 minute marker pen drawings.
Here are some of the pens I used for my illustrations. They are great for building colour with highlight and shading. You can watch a time-lapse video of my illustration process.



Mindfulness Moments by Emma Farrarons
This summer, I’ve been immersed in a world of patterns, mindfulness and design working on my third book Mindfulness Moments. It’s been challenging to multi-task as an illustrator and as a first time parent. I learnt a different level of time management between simmering purées, nappy changing, catching up on lost sleep and scheduling my work load to create this book.

Fast forward in time and I'm thrilled to share with you a preview of Mindfulness Moments. Together with the Mindfulness Diary, it will be the fourth book in the mindfulness series which has amazingly sold one million copies internationally. This book is different to the first two books The Mindfulness Colouring Book and More Mindfulness Colouring. It isn't just colouring pages but it contains thirty mindfulness exercises and craft activities which I have enjoyed creating and writing.   

Mindfulness Moments is due to be published on 2 November 2016 by Boxtree (an imprint of Pan Macmillan) and will be available in all good UK book shops including Amazon. The book is currently being printed and bound in Italy. The cover design, featuring a pattern of swans on a shimmery lake, is quite dear to me. It is inspired by memories of long ‘mindful’ Autumn walks along the Serpentine lake in Hyde Park with my newborn sleeping in his pram. To finish off the design with that cosy autumnal feel, it will be pumpkin coloured and adorned with shimmery gold foil reminiscent of the sparkling water.



I'm completely obsessed with the new Pigment Markers by Winsor and Newton. As an illustrator who is in her comfort zone with a black pen, these marker pens have inspired me to bring back bursts of colour into my sketchbook.

I love them! They are practical to use when you're on the go. They aren't messy and it's great fun experimenting with shading, colour building and the rectangular and thin nibs. I like to use the pigment markers for drawing people (there are brilliant shades for different skin colours), designing patterns and studying plants.

You're supposed to use them on a special pigment marker paper but I prefer the effects of the ink on Moleskine paper and the happy accidents that happen when the pigments come in contact with the paper.



Here's something I've been working on which I'm excited to share with you. It's the Mindfulness Colouring website! You'll find it on www.mindfulnesscolouring.com. Please come and visit. I hope you also enjoy browsing the blog where I'll be updating you with behind the scenes work. There is also a gallery where you'll be able to see a selection of beautiful colouring from people out there in the world.



It's raining outside. I thought I'd bring back the sunshine with this sewing post. I made this dress for a summer of two weddings; one near St-Émilion and one in Norfolk. Both weddings happened during a heatwave so I was glad to have found a thin and flowy material, perfect for scorching sunshine and dancing and twirling till the wee hours of the morning.
I love this picture with my two friends. We are perfectly coordinated. A guest at the wedding asked if we worked in Fashion. Hah! 
The peacock fabric by Liberty is called Fat Eighth Caesar A. I'm not sure whether it is still available at the fabric department. Perhaps you can find it somewhere in Goldhawk Road or online. For the paper pattern, I used the same one in my trapeze dress post. There's a slight 60's twist to the cut which worked well with my pastel sandals and golden bib necklace. I like the simplicity of the racer back detail which sculpts the shoulders in a flattering way. As the pattern is straightforward to sew, it took less than a day to complete. 
The staff at Liberty are always very helpful and full of wisdom. If you feel overwhelmed, do ask them for advice as they have a background in textile or sewing. I was advised by a knowledgeable gentleman to look for a bold and large print. Apparently large prints work best for wedding and formal wear. The reason why is that you can be admired from a distance or up-close, so he said. So after draping a dozen of fabrics on me, we picked this one together. Supposedly, it made my skin and hair shine - what a lovely chap! He also mentioned that another great pattern for formal wear to look out for is paisley
The button was a nice final touch. I also found it in the button department at Liberty. They've got a great selection. I like the minimalist and glossy white finish with the little silver embossed tip on the top. It was a perfect way of finishing up the dress. 



A BIG thank you to Australia, all book shops and Australians armed with colour pencils and felt tips for making The Mindfulness Colouring Book their number 1 best selling book. I've also enjoyed seeing your mindful colouring instagram photos with #mindfulnesscolouringbook. Thank you for sharing your pictures! Emma