I've completed two evening sewing classes at Ray Stitch. It's one of the most enjoyable and satisfying courses I've taken in a while. Since sewing as a child with my mum, I hadn’t made anything more complex than a pillow case or a bag for my yoga mat. 
So I'm proud to show off my minimalist t-shirt dress sewn in 6hrs. 
I used Melly C Tana Lawn Liberty fabric which was a variation of the one that was used to make my Liberty lampshade.

Islington based Ray Stitch is a charming shop dedicated to keen sewers. It has a wonderful haberdashery upstairs and a school downstairs that can equip up to 6 students with Janome sewing machines. You can check out the classes here
Gen West was my teacher. She was very experienced and encouraging. If you meet her, you'll notice that is always wearing a stylish and unique outfit that she's sewn herself.
She taught us how to decipher a paper pattern. Once you learn the language, it's not so daunting. The pattern that we used for the dress was created by Merchant and Mills in Rye (worth visiting when you're next in East Sussex).
We were taught how to cut the pattern to our sizes, pin each pattern shape to our fabric and finally cut the fabric into sections to make the sleeves, front of dress, back of dress and yoke.
Finally, after some pinning and occasional finger pricking, pressing and sewing, we pieced everything together.

Gen was a fantastic teacher who made it feel very easy. She says that once you know how to sew an item of clothing, you never look at clothes in the same way again. It's true! I've since completed another course at Ray Stitch where I learned to follow a long sleeved bib dress pattern from Merchant and Mills. It's midnight blue corduroy and I'm wearing it at this very moment. 

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