To my great horror, my sewing machine started misbehaving a few weeks ago. It is a Singer Samba 2 that my mum bought 30 years ago when I was only a baby. I grew up listening to it hum when she would tackle her next sewing project such as making curtains, my colourful clown costume (age 9), or help me make a drawstring bag for my Gameboy with different compartments for my games. So you can imagine it's sentimental value.
Ray Stitch recommended me Tony's Sewing Centre to have my machine serviced. The shop is a gem of a place, just by Tufnell Park tube station. It is owned by Tony who has a great sense of humour and his lovely wife Manuela. 

The sewing centre is covered from wall to floor with sewing machines from all times in life. They've been left by their owners in care of Tony's skilful hands. He's had his shop for over 30 years and can talk you through all the models, their history and where there were made. It felt like being in a museum.

Tony gave me a private tour and gladly showed me different models of Singer machines. From top to bottom is the chronological order. You can see the models evolve from metal to plastic. If you're looking to buy a particularly 'old-school' model, Tony can source one for you. As you can imagine, he knows just where to find them. The last machine on the bottom right is my dear Samba which dates back from the 80's. It now works beautifully. Thank you Tony and Manuela!

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