I confess that I am a big Marimekko fan. Since my sewing course at Ray Stitch, I've had my eye on making a bold and graphic top. The other day, I raced to the shop in St Christopher Place to treat myself to a metre of fabric to sew a t-shirt.
My eyes were promptly drawn to the timeless and iconic Unikko poppy print. This bold design dates back to 1964 and was created by Maija Isola in protest at Marimekko stopping the manufacture of floral prints. Isn't it perfect? This is actually the miniature version of the design which was designed by Kristina Isola, Maija's daughter. I started to imagine myself wearing my Unikko t-shirt with Acne jeans, New Balance shoes, a messy side plait and poppy lips.
The t-shirt pattern that I used is from Merchant and Mills which is the same pattern that I used for my Liberty dress post. It's carefully designed and easy to follow (if you understand how to decode a commercial pattern). If you're unsure, there are always sewing classes, and those at Ray Stitch are ideal to boost your sewing confidence. If you like the Unikko pattern or wish to surround yourself with Marimekko goodness, you can go to the store in St Christopher Place or to Skandium.

I pricked my finger many times making this shirt. But it was worth it, because look how lovely it looks on my hanger . . .

The following morning, I woke up, got ready for work, slipped into my shirt and showed it off like a maniac to my colleagues. I got compliments by the copying machine and double takes in the corridor. I'm beaming with pride and will be sure to show it off in the streets of Helsinki. I'm planning a trip there with my dear friend and fellow illustrator Jill Tytherleigh for a weekend break and some fabric retail therapy. If anyone has any Helsinki travel tips, please share. 
Je t'aime Marimekko! ♥

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