Great news! My illustration exhibition for Hidden Folk has been extended until October 31. It's at the incredibly cosy Swedish café Fika on Bricklane.
Fika and I have teamed up to create Hidden Folk, a feast of Scandinavian inspired art and food based around Nordic folklore. Come inside and you will find hidden surprises on every wall. There is a 1 metre tall map of Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland which is full of Huldufólk (Hidden Folk) within their hidden realm. You'll spot different types of gnomes, from mushroom pickers to flower milliners and berry specialists, sleepy mountain trolls and typical mushroom and stone gnome houses. 
The busy forest typography on the main wall spells out HIDDEN FOLK (as shown on the event poster above). It's got a scary huldra (a beautiful woman with a cow's tail who entices men into the forest), a mermaid, Nordic flora and fauna, more gnomes, and grumpy moutain trolls).

You'll have a unique view inside the stylish home of a Nordic gnome with two cross-section houses. One is a block of apartments inside a tree trunk and the one below is a toadstool maisonette – filled with Nordic textiles and designer furniture.

As it's mostly rainy this October, why not come and have a fika? For those of you who don't know, having a fika means to have a coffee break in Swedish, and the café serves delicious kanelbulle cinnamon buns which you can enjoy with a freshly made aeropress coffee.

(It took a day to paint the mural above. I mixed a warm grey out of black and white acrylic paint.)

If you're not sweet-toothed, Sadaf Malik, the Swedish restaurateur and owner of Fika has created a delicious menu especially for Hidden Folk. It is designed to ‘trick and tease’ the mind. You will have the chance to try black truffle potatoes, purple carrots, elk burgers. The cocktail list is fabulous too and is directly inspired by the artwork. You can pick between a Forest Clearing, a Huldra's Haunt or a Siren's Call. Personally, my favourite in the list is the Troll's Magic (Kamm & Sons with elderflower, a dash of soda and prosecco float).

Until 31st October 2014, Fika Bar & Kitchen, 161 Brick Lane, E1 6SB

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