I've recently discovered the best way to blitz through my illustration deadlines. It's called the Pomodoro (tomato) Technique and was invented by Francesco Cirillo. With a kitchen timer (mine happens to be a ladybird), you time your working sessions in 25 minute bursts.

At the moment, I'm working on multiple illustration projects and this method is helping me to get my head down and concentrate without procrastination and distractions. I wind my kitchen timer to 25mins and race through work. The ticking reminds me that it's going to ring shortly and helps me focus and get the job done. As soon as it rings, I have a 5min break.
Et voilĂ , after four pomodoros, I reward myself to a 25min guilt-free break. This works with house chores too. If like me, you find tidying boring you can time your pomodoro to a short and productive cleaning up session. If you don't have a kitchen timer, you can use the tomato-timer from your computer, but I find that an actual kitchen timer is more effective because of the tic tic ticking.

This tip has changed my way of working and I highly recommend you to give it a go. I learnt about it at an inspiring lecture by Tilly and the Buttons that my friend Emma invited me to. Tilly used this technique when writing on her sewing book and now it's my turn to share this tip with you.


  1. I know this technique, it's a good one - I've now shared two studios where people were using it, so got used to their ticking too! x

  2. Thank you, Emma. This is great sharing. I'd love to hear more creative organizational ideas for artist from real artist. Love